Terms of Services of HotelsRun for Guests


HotelsRun is an Online Travel Agency on internet world. We are happy to serve you hotels for your trip and vacation.

Thank you for choosing HotelsRun for reservation. Your privacy is under security. We don’t collect private information and we don’t share.

Every hotel has own FAQ and private cancellation policy. HotelsRun also has cancellation policy.

After your reservation approved, your reservation is under guaranty of HotelsRun.  You may change reservation date under hotel’s policy and price. Price may change to according to season.

How it Works?

Guests are free for reservation. There is a secure payment gateway on this website. There is NO FEE, NO HIDDEN CHARGE, NO SERVICE FEE for costumers. Costumers will pay to to amount when arrive.

Any penalties or changes regulations indicated by hoteliers own page. Hotelsrun has no authorization to change hotel’s terms and conditions. If any conflict between guests (hotel costumers) and hotels, it is not responsibility of Hotelsrun. Hotelsrun only check information and room and service price are correct as listed on pages or not.

Any user this platform as a guest or hotel costumer calculated that accepted these terms.


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